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Michael Hudson 
CEO/Founder of 
EMC2 Science Adventures
 When you look up the word science in the dictionary there is a picture of me next to it. I have been in love with science from a very early age and decided to dedicate my life to making sure every child learns the importance and the love of science as much as I did when I was their age.
    Because of my passion and love for science I decided to pursue a degree in Biology from Baptist College (Charleston Southern University) and my Masters Degree from The Citadel both universities are located in Charleston, SC.
    I have worked as a Biologist for over 20 yrs in various settings. I am currently teaching on the college level in the area of Anatomy & Physiology and Biology.
I am married to the lovely Martha Cooper-Hudson, Founder and CEO of RediscovHER, LLC for over 18 years. We have two wonderful children Joelle and Mason

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